Curbside Appointments

Curbside Appointments
December 14, 2020

Due to the high volume of phone calls, we are receiving while implementing our curbside service program, appointments may take longer than usual and we appreciate your patience as we navigate our new protocol. 

Upon confirming appointments, we will be asking for car make/color, and for credit,debit, or care credit information. We will be accepting checks. Cash will only be accepted if the client has exact change.

When you arrive in the parking lot for an appointment, please

  • Come to the end of the awning and wave at us through the glass door, as we are located in an area with little to no cell service. Make sure cats are transported in sturdy carriers and dogs are properly restrained via leash and ready to be greeted by our staff.
  • Our technicians will meet with you outside to go over the reasons for the appt, and any questions or concerns you may have for the doctor. Your pet will then be brought inside for their exam. Just as you would during a traditional vet visit, you will get time in person with the doctor. The doctors will meet clients outside once they have performed any necessary treatments. We do require everyone to wear a mask for their pets' visit. The doctors will bring the pets back to their owners with any meds prescribed. Once the payment process is completed we will deliver a paid receipt.

If you’re feeling under the weather, please reschedule your appointment. Keeping everyone safe is our top priority. You won’t be penalized for rescheduling, and we will do our best to work you back in as quickly as time allows.

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